SDU (Service Distribution Unit)

The SDU (Service Distribution Unit) is a system to distribute the necessary services for the correct functioning of the equipment in the modern industrial kitchen. Given its great versatility, it revolutionizes the kitchen concept, providing elegance, hygiene and greater flexibility in the location of the machinery, while integrating perfectly thanks to its satin stainless steel finish.
Typically consists of two or more vertical elements that act as a support and as a zone of vertical passage of the facilities and a horizontal element that joins them and through which are distributed, longitudinally, the supplies of water, gas, compressed air, electricity, etc.

Given its modularity and adaptability to any type of kitchen, the length (L) and height (H) are flexible in terms of value. Depending on the long value, the SDU can incorporate intermediate columns to ensure both the strength of the structure and to ensure the supply of all the necessary services for the kitchen.
The width of the SDU is 300mm, the height of the horizontal column is 400mm and is located 600mm from the ground, leaving the top of the horizontal column 1 meter from the ground, ideal height to leave utensils used in the kitchen.

- Flexibility and versatility for the placement of kitchen equipment.
- Made in 304 stainless steel, suitable for food handling.
- Partially welded structure, without mechanical fixings in sight.
- Designed to adapt to the aesthetics of the kitchen, it can be integrated with an island-type central hood.
- Ideal for centralizing all the necessary connections for the kitchen.
- It can be delivered with wiring and installed pipes, and add UV, wash cycle control, extraction controls, each pipe has its own shut-off valve or switches for each plug.
- Removable panels for the correct installation and maintenance of pipes and wiring.
- Easy access to controls, if incorporated.
- Separate compartments for wiring and piping.
- Instead of building a wall for the pipes and so on, this system saves money. It does not mean an improvement in another person's place, since it can be moved intact to another place.
- Adaptability for future modifications of equipment, both increase in number and change of position of this.
- Waterproof structure to prova of liquid vessaments.

Manufacture in AISI 304 stainless steel of 1.2 mm thickness in satin finish to form a self-supporting structure that does not require additional supports. It has access hatches on both the pillars and the horizontal section.