Exhaust ceilings improve the appearance from the aesthetic point of view, reduce the fire risk, provide more flexibility to the equipment layout and reduce the requirements in terms of exhaust flow.

Ventilating ceilings are suitable for any size of kitchen, whether new-build or refurbishment. The aluminium suspension grid is based on nominal 500mm square modules and all components are interchangeable within it, so absolute flexibility for planning purposes is guaranteed
- even after instalation. There is no limit to possible rearrangement of cooking equipment because the only fixed element of the ceiling is the plenum bulkhead separating supply and extract zones, and this can be very easily modified in just a few hours.

The components for a comfortable kitchen environment are:
- active casette for supply and extract air.
- acoustic cassettes
- flat supply air cassettes By combining the use of these with special, heavy duty cassettes and blank tiles in the Restaurant system cassette, so optimum solutions for each installation are developed. The requirements of hygiene, aesthetics, durability and, above all, fire safety mean that there is only one suitable material -namely grade 304 stainless steel.

- Hospitals, self-service, covered swimming-pools, restaurants, etc.